Prep Your Outdoor Living Space for Warmer Weather

Prep Your Outdoor Living Space for Warmer Weather

Do you dream of spending warm-weather days enjoying your home's deck or patio or want to do some outdoor entertaining, now is a good time to prepare. If you roll up your sleeves and follow these tips, you can freshen up your outdoor areas and make them a welcoming oasis for all.


Inspect and Repair

Before you do anything else, make sure your deck or patio is in good condition and looking its best. If you have a wood deck, check whether any wood is showing signs of wear and tear like splintering or rotting. If your deck needs repairs, you could complete small ones yourself or bring in a professional for more serious fixes. Composite decks tend to be maintenance-free, so it's less likely yours will need mending. If you have a patio, replace any broken tiles or bricks and fill any visible concrete cracks. You may also need to pull weeds from the joints of a paver or brick patio and add hardening polymeric sand to prevent new weeds or insects from pushing through.



If it's been a few months since you used your patio or deck, Mother Nature might have settled in. You'll want to remove the remnants of her stay by sweeping away leaves, dirt, and other debris. You can use a pressure washer or garden hose to rinse away persistent dirt, and if your deck or patio has mold or mildew, you can purchase a cleaning solution to remove it. Also, sand and stain your wood deck if the color has faded.



Refresh furniture and cushions

You can make your patio furniture look like new by cleaning each piece thoroughly and allowing the fabric to dry. For a totally new look, swap out dated furniture with modern materials, such as rattan or teak. Replace fabric cushions with new ones in vibrant shades that match the rest of your outdoor decor.


Block the sun

Hot rays can make your patio or deck feel unbearable, so if your outdoor space heats up significantly during the day, look to create refreshing shade. A pergola, a cantilevered umbrella that can be moved as needed, or a large sunshade sail should do the trick. An outdoor daybed with its own shade canopy could be the perfect accessory for cool afternoon naps.




Brighten it up

Now that you have spruced up your space and added some shade, it’s time to decorate. Hang string lights or lanterns to lend some illumination, and spread out a durable but soft outdoor rug to beautify and cozy up your space. Vegetable plants or flowers nestled in planters can soften the overall look, a water feature like a fountain or patio pond might make your space feel like a restful oasis, and a firepit table may help provide warmth on cool nights.

Prep your grill

Finally, if you have an outdoor grill, inspect it and make any necessary fixes before your first barbecue of the season. Remove the grates, and then soak and scrub them in warm, soapy water, being sure to rinse and dry them fully. Clean off months of built-up grease by spraying your grill’s interior with a food-safe degreasing spray and wiping it with a heavy-duty sponge. If you have a gas or propane grill, be sure to remove the fuel tank or disconnect the gas line and protect or remove the grill’s heating elements before cleaning it; if your grill has a grease tray, empty or replace it with a new one if needed. You can make the exterior of your grill look new by washing it with soapy water and wiping it dry before putting everything back in place. Also, remember to stock up on fuel or charcoal for your next grilling session.

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